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Monday, September 19, 2011

Super Mario World

Super Mario World is a side-Scroller like in previous Mario games, and it looks almost the same as the Super Nintendo. Specifications of this game is 16-bit graphics and stereo sound. The game consists of a journey through levels in seven worlds: Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains (later a series of tracks in Super Mario Kart), Vanilla Dome, Twin Bridges Area (including the Cheese & Butter Bridges and Soda Lake) which ended in Cookie Mountain, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, and the Valley of Bowser. There are also two secret world - Star Road and Special Zone (accessed via Star World) - which can be found by looking for the key and keyhole at a certain level. Experienced players can use the Star Road to reach the end of the game just 12 levels.

Application     : Super Mario World
Vendor           : NINTENDO CO. LTD
Categories      : Dekstop, Classic Games
License           : Free
Download       : Here


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